At Covenant Reformed, we believe that God’s Word is powerful, and that He revealed in it everything we need to know to live lives that glorify Him AND bring peace, joy and meaning to ourselves. Our Pastor, the Rev. Dr. Brian M. Abshire has spent his entire ministry studying the wonderful promises of God and how they apply to every day living. He has written extensively on a great number of issues that Christians often fail to understand or apply in their walk with God.

However, not everyone has the time, or the interest in reading long, complicated essays that explain or defend the applications of the Christian faith. In the below series of “brochures” we have attempted to identify some of the most common questions, problems and concerns Christians have brought to us, and then tried to provide a quick, one-page response with the relevant Biblical principles and how they apply.

If you want a more developed treatment of these issues, we encourage you to go to our Essays and Articles page where you will find tons of materials covering this same ground in detail.

However, if you just want a “down and dirty” outline of what the Bible says about these common concerns, then click on the links to the left. We are adding new topics each week so visit this page often to see what we have added.

Note – You will be able to find the articles on all of these topics in our main navigation.


Introduction to the Christian Faith:

How Am I Saved? (The Sovereignty of God in Salvation)

Why Creeds and Confessions -Isn’t the Bible enough?

What was the Reformation and Why Was it So Important?

Isn’t the World Going to Get Worse? (God’s Plan for Victory in the World)

Why Are Your Worship Services So Different? (Worship in Spirit and Truth)

Why Do You Use Real Wine In Communion?

How Can I KNOW that the Bible Really Reliable and Trustworthy?

Don’t All Religions Lead to God?

Introduction to the Christian Family

What Is Family Worship and Why Do You Think It is So Important?

What Are the Duties of Men in the Home?

What Are the Duties of Women in the Home?

How Do You Discipline Children?

What Is this “Courtship” Thing You Talk So Much About?

How Can I Help My Children Love God?

Introduction to Christian Living

What Does God Expect from Me?

How Can I Feel Close to God?

How Does God Change Me?

How Does God Want Me to Deal with My Anger?

How Does God Want Me to Deal with My Fear and Anxiety?

How Does God Expect Me to Deal with Feeling So Lonely?

How Does God Want Me to Deal with My Guilt and Sin?

How Does God Expect Me to Deal with My Depression?

How Does God Want Me to Discern His Will and Make Wise Decisions?

How Does God Expect Me to Use My Time, Gifts and Money for His Glory?

Introduction to Christian Community

How Can I Live in Peace with Others? (Toleration and Liberty of Conscience)

How Does God Want Me to Talk About My Brother? (Gossip, Slander and the Sins of Speech)

Why Are Some People so Mean? (Dealing with Offenses)

How Can I Restore a Broken Relationship (Conflict and Confrontation)

How Do I Live in Love? (Building True, Covenant Community)