Well, everything! As the Lord God Almighty, He created you for His own glory. Whether you like it or not, approve of it or not, want it or not, He is the Creator, and you are part of His creation.

So therefore He wants you, all of you to be what He created you to be, His image bearer. Now this is a great honor with tremendous responsibilities. God made you to govern His creation, using the talents, experiences, abilities and the intelligence He gave you, to rule the areas of life He entrusted into your hands with wisdom and grace (Genesis 1:22ff).

The Law of God (as summarized in the Ten Commandments) is more than just a list of rules, but rather the method by which He intends you to govern your life, family, relationships with others, as well as your relationship with God.

The problem of course is that we want to run things our way, not God’s (Romans 3:9-12). We want to live our lives the way WE want to live. So therefore each and every one of us breaks God’s Law every single day whenever His Law gets in the way of doing what we want to do.

Don’t say you don’t break His Law. You know you do! You do not always put Him first in your life. You do not always worship Him as He requires. You do not always give Him the honor that is due Him. You do not always keep His special day holy. You have not always honored your parents (or others in authority), you have sometimes been angry and bitter towards others, you have lusted in your heart on occasion (or worse), you have sometimes not always played fair with others, you have not always told the truth, you have sometimes wanted things you had no right to.

Sure there are excuses, justifications, rationales, etc., that you can use. And maybe compared with certain other people, you might do considerably better. But God does not grade on the scale. If you are honest with yourself, you know you have broken His commands, and God knows it. If you are really self-aware, you know that you break His Law every day in either thought, word or deed.


And as a result, we have brought God’s curse down on our own heads. The Bible is clear that each and every one of us starts out in this life as a rebel to His authority (Romans 3:23). And because we are in rebellion to His lawful authority, we are under the penalty for all rebels, death (Romans 6:23). All the bad, nasty and unpleasant things that make this life so miserable sometimes, can always be traced right back to this fundamental problem; we are in rebellion to God and under His righteous judgment.

So what does God want from you? He wants you to lay down your arms, acknowledge His lawful authority over your life, and accept the conditions of His peace treaty. What are those conditions?


The King’s Terms for Peace


First, the Bible is clear that nothing we can do can pay back the debt we have incurred because of our rebellion. “For all have sinned” (Romans 3:23) and “the wages of sin is death” (Romans 6:23). We owe God a debt, a life, and only a life can pay back the debt.

Secondly, because of God’s great love, when we could not pay this debt. God Himself paid it for us in the form of His Son, Jesus. Jesus died, in our place, so that we would not have to.

Think of it this way. The Lord God is the sovereign King of all creation. You are in rebellion to God. God as the ultimate King and Judge has convicted you of rebellion to His authority. You are guilty and the penalty is death. But instead of making you pay the penalty, He pays it Himself, through His Son Jesus. You don’t have to die, because Jesus died for you!

Thus what God wants from each of us is to acknowledge that we are in rebellion to Him, and then take His solution, which is the death of His Son in our place.

Now, the Bible teaches that even our ability to surrender to God is a sovereign act of His free grace wherein He works to convict a person of his rebellion, and then grants him the ability to accept His terms (Ephesians 2:8-9, Titus 3:9 etc.). When God works within a person’s heart, He will cause several things to happen:

(1) We will acknowledge that the God of the Bible exists and has lawful authority over us (Hebrews 11:6). We will understand that God is holy, righteous and good, that God has placed certain demands upon all His creation and has the right to expect our total love and obedience (Romans 1:19-20).

(2) We will admit that we are rebels, guilty of disobeying God’s commands and deserve the full penalty of His Holy wrath (1 John 1:8-9, Romans 3:23, 6:23). We cannot surrender, until we first admit that we have been at war!.

(3) We will be granted the ability to repent of this rebellion (Acts 3:19), i.e., to change direction. In this case, an inner desire to seek God’s will for our life rather than our own. It means more than just feeling bad about our rebellion, but rather wanting now to submit to God’s authority over every area of life.

(4) We will then believe or trust that God has paid the penalty for our rebellion, through Christ’s death & resurrection (Romans 10:9a). This is not just a mental assent, but rather a heartfelt conviction that our rebellion has been forgiven; not for anything we have done, or can do, or will do, but because Jesus Himself took the penalty in our place. We will understand and accept that our forgiveness for our rebellion is a free gift which cannot be earned by any good work we might do.

(5) Finally, we will make a public confession of our faith and trust in Jesus as Lord (Romans 10:9b), acknowledging that our rebellion is over, that Jesus is now our sovereign King and that we submit ourselves completely to Him.


Where Do We Go From Here?


        Now that you acknowledge your rebellion, and have surrendered to the King of Kings, what next? How does your God now expect you to live? The Moral Law of God (i.e., the Ten Commandments) are STILL the way that God would have you live your life. Of course you will continue to break them, for no man can ever fulfill the perfect requirements of God’s Law. But they still remain a guide to living a life that is both pleasing to God AND most rewarding to ourselves. Every day, in humble submission to Almighty God, we can come into His presence only because of what Jesus has done on our behalf. And therefore in love and appreciation for His great mercy, in dependence upon His grace, we strive to walk as He walked and that means conforming our lives to His Law.

With God’s Holy Spirit inside us, we are CONVICTED of our individual sins. We then CONFESS them before God (I John 1:9) acknowledging our need for forgiveness. And then, because we confess those sins, and Christ has died for those sins, we are forgiven for those sins.

But each day, the Holy Spirit of God is also working within us to purify and change us, bit by bit, day by day, so that we grow in wisdom, understanding, discernment and holiness. No, in this life we will never be perfect. But we can and ought to be “perfected” or grow in holiness.

Thus in the end, God wants you to end your enmity with Him, and with others. He wants you to love Him (and obey Him), as well as love and serve your brother. He wants to change you, from the inside out, so that He can restore you to the position He always intended for you; to be fruitful, and multiply, to fill the earth and subdue it for His glory. He wants to give your life meaning and purpose, joy and fulfillment. And all you have to do is surrender, unconditionally to Him.